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Today I will be reviewing a cookie from Bubby’s, a cool brunch spot in Tribeca! I wasn’t planning on reviewing a cookie from Bubby’s today, but I happened to be at brunch this weekend and couldn’t ignore how beautiful it looked in the bakery window. Upon inspection, it seemed to be a very classic cookie, with a couple of twists as far as chocolate goes. So, let’s dive into rankings!


Texture is pretty challenging for most cookies to nail perfectly. Baking is a science, and texture is usually what is most impacted when changing up a formula. When I saw Bubby’s chocolate chip cookie, I thought it would be softer than it was. Don’t get me wrong, I love a crunchy cookie. But, Bubby’s texture was a bit too crumbly and thin. 3.5/ 5


Where texture failed, salt made up for it! The salt in this cookie was almost perfect! I could see decorative grains of salt on top of the cookie, which is one of my favorite cookie elements ever.  The salt was pleasantly noticeable but not overpowering in any way. It should be noted that this treat was advertised as a “ sea salt chocolate chip cookie”; however, I still think Bubby’s could have gone an inch further. 4.8/5 


The chocolate in this cookie was very excellent. It seems that instead of chips, Bubby’s used a sliced up chocolate bar and possibly chocolate chunks as well. Moreover, it tasted like a mix of dark chocolates. Overall, I felt that the chocolate was very well balanced in terms of taste and amount. 5/5

I really enjoyed this cookie! The salt and the chocolate really made this one stand out. If you happen to be in Tribeca, and need a cookie fix, Bubby’s isn’t a bad place to start!

Until Next Time,

Njar 🙂

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