A Cookie from Potbelly.

Hello Cookie Lovers!

Today I will be reviewing a cookie from a national chain; Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop! Now, there are many chains in the United States that sell cookies. In my opinion, many of these cookies are subpar; I will be reviewing more chain cookies later! But, Potbelly’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is one of my favorite cookie options in the city. So, let’s dive into why I feel this way using my regular criteria: Texture, Salt, Chocolate.


Oatmeal is a game changer when it comes to cookie texture. When done right, it adds a soft, chewy texture that is delightful. Potbelly’s utilize this wonderfully. This cookie is pleasantly soft, but the oatmeal adds a firm, crispy element that makes for an almost perfect texture. 5/5


This cookie doesn’t do anything fancy as far as salt goes. However, the oatmeal seems to make a huge difference when it comes to salt. I’m not sure why, but I find that oatmeal cookies have a much more noticeable salt ratio. While the salt in this cookie isn’t particularly special, it does it’s job very well. This cookie toes the line of being overwhelmingly sweet, but just misses. I think Potbelly’s could incorporate a little more salt, to make it truly perfect. 4/5


Potbelly’s uses regular chocolate chips for this cookie, and the distribution is almost perfect. Again, this cookie is almost too sweet, and I think the chocolate contributes to this issue. However, I think it is avoided and the chocolate is a very pleasant contribution. 4.5/5

Overall, I really enjoy Potbelly’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! It feels very classic and reliable. It is one of my personal favorites!

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