A Cookie from Pret.

Hello Cookie Lovers!

Today’s cookie review comes from Pret A Manger. There are so many Pret stores in New York City; as a matter of fact, there is one right next to my college! Therefore, I find myself, along with many other New Yorkers, stopping in for coffee or a sandwich often. Since this shop is such a common pit stop for NYC goers, I figured we should see how Pret ranks when it comes to cookies. So let’s dive into our criteria: Texture, Salt and Chocolate.


I generally lean towards a soft cookie rather than a crunchy one, so when I first had a Pret cookie I was a little on the fence. However, Pret brought me an appreciation for crispy cookies that no other store has been able to establish. Pret made a perfect, golden, crispy exterior, while still making the center perfectly soft. In my opinion, this earns it a 5/5


This cookie falls slightly short when it comes to salt. It is definitely noticeable, and does it’s job; the cookie is definitely not too sweet. But, they could have added a little more salt, to make it a truly perfect cookie. 4/5


Pret uses a really good amount of chocolate for this cookie. It uses what seems to be semi-sweet chocolate chunks, which balances perfectly with the buttery, crispy texture. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness, while not becoming overwhelming. 5/5

Overall, this cookie ranks very highly in my opinion, and has become one of my favorite go-to’s for a cookie. Especially because there are so many Pret A Manger locations in the city, this is a perfect option that takes little effort to find and brings great joy!

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