A Cookie from Chip.

Hello Cookie Lovers!

Today’s cookie review comes from Chip City NYC, or Chip for short. There are often food trends that sweep Instagram or twitter, and one trend I have noticed is people taking pictures of huge cookies and showing the gooey chocolate center. Chip cookies have contributed to this trend. They are a very popular shop in the city, and are known for having a small collection of  thick and rich cookies. There are few shop’s dedicated solely to cookies, so the expectations are very high. So, let’s dive into the rankings: texture, salt and chocolate


There are three aspects that I noticed in this cookies texture makeup; in fact, it was almost like a three part journey. First, the outer part was very delightfully crispy and crunchy. Second, the first couple of bites after were almost cakey. Finally, the center was very gooey in the best possible way. I was a big fan of the variety Chip provided, and texture was my favorite part of his cookie. 5/5


The salt for this cookie was present and doing its job, but I wanted a lot more of it. In my past cookie experience, big cookies like Chip’s tend to majorly lack salt. So, I was pleasantly surprised that I could taste salt in this cookie at all. That being said, They could have gone further, and that would have balanced it out much better. 3/5


Considering the name of the shop, I wasn’t surprised by finding a cookie packed with chocolate chips. While I really enjoyed the chocolate, due to the lack of salt, it was almost too sweet. The texture already becomes very rich once you reach the center, and the chocolate almost becomes overwhelming. However, this cookie does contain walnuts, and I think this helps with the balance. 4/5 

This was a really great cookie, guys! While I do wish there was more salt, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and chocolate experience. Chip cookies are definitely worth a try!

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